Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday is funday !

A nice quiet start to the day with breakfast accompanied by "Macca". A Sunday morning ritual. Then a quick trip into the Village to drop two more patio chairs off at the dump. We started out with ten and one by one the arms have broken off. Its such a shame as they were nice looking chairs. We are down to the last four and I think that it is about time I researched some replacements. It would seem that nothing is built to last anymore :-(

Back home to do just a little yard work. The Gorgeous Boy transplanted some tomatoes. He had planted some seeds a few weeks ago believing them to be chives but up popped tomatoes...each and every one. Well you can't waste a healthy seedling can you? So he temporarily transformed my new soil store into a small garden bed. In went the tomatoes with a few lettuces that he was thinning out and voila, instant veggie garden. While he was doing this I found this growing on one of the mushroom compost bags.

Now that is one big mushroom. Note the Biro beside it for size comparison. A little stuffing on that and you could feed a family of four ha ha. I ended up chopping it up and putting it in the compost...too much of a good thing !!!

This afternoon I finally found the time to pickle the chillies that The Great Dane gave me from his garden when I visited last Wednesday. A bottle for the Farm, one for the Granny flat and four in my pantry. The few remaining ones I minced up and poured a little of the pickling vinegar over them. Into a small jar and into the fridge for if I am in a hurry and need a little chilli quickly. Many years of living in Asia and a meal is not a meal without chilli.

Don't they look lovely and bright? I think I will sit and have a rest now. I still haven't read my Organic Gardening magazine yet. So much to little time....sigh.


  1. That is one almighty big mushy; bigger than some frypans I suspect.

    Yes the chilli's do look lovely and bright. I am curious though; how long is that batch going to last you?

  2. Boy, that is some mushroom. I'm enjoying the smaller ones you gave me last week. The chillis do look good and I'm sure you'll have no trouble using them up.

  3. Hi Mariana. I am not sure how long the chillies will last as its the first time I have pickled them. We would probably average one or two chillis a day in cooking (we even eat them in cooked tomato on toast for breakfast ;-) ) I am hoping they will soften up a little in a few days so that I can eat them fresh with cold meats etc.

    Hi Marcella. I think that we have just hit the perfect weather for, overcast and a little rain as they are popping up in all the garden beds now. I love that mushroom compost......such an aid in my "frugal kitchen".

  4. Busy girl!!
    It all looks good, and look at the chili bell peppers, I can just about taste them