Monday, April 19, 2010


I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted. So much water has flown under the bridge I hardly know where to start. It has been many weeks since I have even had the time to catch up with reading my favourite blogs. How sad is that ! I have only just managed to read a couple but am inspired to tap the keys again. So just a quick note before I go back to catching up with past news.

The Gorgeous Boy and I took nine days out over Easter to join a group of friends over on Fraser Island. Most of the men are ultra keen fishermen, so two, three to four hour sessions each day standing in the rod in hand...they were very happy chappies. Me....well,....I slept, then I slept a little more...sigh!!!! Then I read my book ( I have to say I took three books with me in anticipation but only managed part of the first....maybe I wasn't in the mood...maybe I am not a fan of Di Morrisey...who knows) but in an attempt to stimulate my fuggy brain I have discovered "sudoku". I am addicted. I took one book with me...only 365 games !!!!! I was well in to my 90th on our return.....oh dear this is so much worse than "Days of our Lives" !!!!!!!

I am back to reality....I have chores to do...get on with it Linda!

Before I go......I just have to show y'all this

What a man, is this man of mine :-) Fisherman extraordinaire :-) They guessed at the weight as being around six kilos...I think they said it was a snub nosed dart. Me....I just said it was delicious ! I missed the catching of this little beauty but I sure didn't get to miss the cooking of it. I think the fight that the GB had to reel it in was a tale to be told for many years to come :-). It took three burners of a four burner barbeque to cook it. Having limited resources, I seasoned it with what I could find. Chopped a little celery, onion and orange zest and laid it on a bed of thinly sliced oranges. and sloshed around a little chardonnay....(that was all I had available!!) wrapped it in alfoil and cooked it over a low heat for one a half hours. It was absolutely beautiful. Mmmmmm. It fed eleven of us for dinner (just over one side of it) and I made fish cakes for lunch the next day. I even left about a quarter of it behind for snacks as we had to leave the island and come home for Lolly's Baptism (another story :-)) We were also lucky enough to come home with an esky full of fish fillets to last us quite a few weeks. Now that's what I call a holiday!