Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back at the Farm.

Finally arrived back at the Farm after picking up a cute little chair from "our favourite charity shop" for Mama. She is going to fix it up for The Princess to use as a reading chair. Nice choice darling.

The veggie patch looked a little thirsty but fortunately the new fence seems to be working as we have not had any more visits from our furry friends.

Spent a couple of hours watering and cropping

Think I may have some salad for dinner.

The passionfruit are beginning to ripen. These 3 had fallen off the old vine. The ones on the new vine are HUGE, when they start to ripen we will have passionfruit coming out of our ears. I had better start researching recipes.

In the afternoon I got out the brush cutter to clear an area to pile up the lawn clipping before I started to mow but as usual got a little side-tracked. Two hours later the bank is starting to look quite tidy!!!! Maybe tomorrow I will mow.

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  1. Hi Linda, haven't you done well. All the pretty pictures too. Gemini