Friday, May 22, 2009

and out came the sunshine to dry up all the rain !

My didn't we have our fair share and a bit of rain? I headed down to the city on Wednesday afternoon and crawled from Beerburrum to Caboolture as the highway southbound at Caboolture was flooded. What a long journey. Before I left the farm I cropped some veggies to bring down and checked the rain gauges. They were overflowing so I knew that we had over 50ml. I was amazed at how much water there was further south. With still more to come that night. The local rivers were overflowing and I was concerned that I would not be able to get to the station to pick up the gorgeous boy. All worked out well and we are safe and snug.

This is a picture of our little fig tree which I took before I left. We have two fig trees in the "orchard" that have been there for years and have struggled to even survive. The two that we planted in half wine casks in the veggie garden last year are doing extremely well. It is probably better soil/more water and fertilizer. A lesson in that for all of us huh! They are producing a lovely crop of fruit and it is a pleasure to go and pick one. To sit on the bench the GB built for me, to sit in the sun and eat it. Fresh, fresh fresh from the tree. yum. Life is sooooo good :-)

Now it was two days ago that I ate this little beauty but mmmmmm the memory lingers on.

A trip yesterday to the dentist proved that the cause of my discomfort was an abscess on a back tooth. Further X rays showed a fractured root so no hope of saving it. In the short term I am taking a course of antibiotics until I can organise for its removal. Procrastinate ? Me ? Noooooooo, how could you say that ;-)

Today I will help Mama clear up the rain damage to the back yard before a quick shop to restock the pantry. This afternoon I will pick up GB from the train and head back up the farm to see if there was any rain damage up there after I left. I am going to "Simply Good" the local bulk store to stock up on bread flour. I may try some spelt flour as well this time to trial.

Dinner tonight will be bolognaise a la Jorgen. I have copied down the recipe, it looked so good and with that in mind I have bought some fresh fettuccine as I will not be back home in time to make my own tonight. Time to get moving girl :-)


  1. I envy your lovely fig tree and the beautiful fruit it has produced. Don't you feel privileged. Figs cost at least twenty dollars a kilo in the shops.

    I empathise with the tooth. I am so phobic when it comes to the teeth and mouth. I absolutely hate dentists. Good luck with it.

  2. Hi Mariana

    I do indead feel privileged. I look at the figs in the supermarket and they look dry and tired :-( I certainly would not be paying $20 dollars for them. Fortunately there are three fig growers near to our little granny flat near the city so in the past I have indulged myself that way. But now we have our own trees producing.....what to say :-) Life is good.