Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am back !

Its been a while since I have found the time to sit down and post. Some days I think that I just don't have the time to write anything.......always have plenty to say though ;-) Today I decided that it is better to be brief than not to write at all.

One of the reasons for being so tardy of late is that I am playing Mum/Nanna full time at the moment. Mama is busy doing her final prac for her post graduate teaching degree and I have offered to take over the reigns of her house to give her the freedom to "give it her all"! Five weeks commitment....two down and three to go.

This means that I am spending all week down in the city. The Princess comes over to our little Granny flat when she awakes in the morning and joins us for breakfast/showers etc and we head off to school. Then back home to clean both homes and work on the gardens until 2.30pm when its time to pick up the little one.......afternoon tea/ homework/ trips to the know the story. Then dinner to fix for us all....showers and bedtime stories.

I am desperately missing my time up at the farm so on Wednesdays after I have drop her off at school I head up here to check on the chooks, water the gardens etc. Three hours driving for two and a half hours here in my little part of paradise. Am I crazy ? Yes.... but its worth it.

Friday I hand the reigns back to Mama and scurry up here as fast as I can. So much to little time.

The GB and I are STILL working on the great wall. This weekend we have dug out another seven post holes. We always knew that this stage and the next one would be difficult for a few different reasons. One reason was that somewhere in the proximity to which the GB would be drilling with his trusty post hole boring attachment on his tractor was the main power line from the shed to the house. After some discussion with the builder it was decided that since we were only drilling 800cm and the cables were supposedly 900cm underground we would be OK. An added insurance would be the blue tape that covers the said cables. If we proceeded cautiously we would encounter this first. Hmmmm. I held my breath as he drilled, heart in mouth. Quite rightly so, it would seem.

The photo that I took shows that on one side of the hole are both the telephone cable (400cm down ) and the power cable (just under 500cm down) and NO BLUE TAPE!!!!! Fortunately the GB was using a smaller auger than was used by Tony the bobcat driver who dug the bulk of our other post holes. He was manually widening the hole when he encountered the cables. This was one of those days when I think we are just so blessed. I shudder when I think of what could have happened.

On that note I am off to bed to rest up for another busy week ahead. Hope I can get back here before too long :-) Night all.