Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give us this day our daily bread.

We awoke to a lovely crisp bright morning ready to start the weekend. What beautiful weather we are having at the moment. Threw a load of wash on...a loaf of bread on and into the garden.

With the cooler weather the field mouse population has increased dramatically. I hear their scampering around in the roof and when I start the engine on the ride on mower it is not unusual to have one shoot out from a hiding place underneath. I would always have said that I was a lover of children and small animals but the deer, wallabies and mice have been testing my patience lately.

I discovered this morning that the mice had eaten through the plastic packet in which were carefully stored my "Phoenix" cucumber seeds. Those magnificent cucumbers that survived all through the summer come rain or soaring temperatures. When they appeared to be dying back and we considered pulling them out , in a blink of an eye...they perked up and off they rambled again. How carefully I saved and dried those seeds. Today...gone lah! Pass me the ratsak!!!!

We spent the morning sowing seeds......a new moon planting with MORE peas. The GB tells me you can never have enough peas, sugarsnap...snow peas, any peas. Beans......oh what will we do with all the beans when they start bearing? Purple kings, Blue lakes, butter beans, broad beans, borlotti beans. We put in broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, spinach, rocket and I am sure there are more that I have forgotten. The only thing that slowed us down was that we were rapidly running out of space. We need to get that long garden bed made along the bottom of the bank soon.

The bread was made and the veggies cropped for dinner. I had defrosted a small half leg of lamb that had been boned out. I was planning to grill some eggplant and zucchini, roast some beetroot and serve it all up with carrots and baby potatoes. While the soup (you remember that pea and ham soup that I froze!!!!) was heating up I sat down to read a couple of blogs. Well great minds must think alike because the latest post from "Through my kitchen window" featured roast lamb with Mediterranean vegetables. I hadn't planned to make the yogurt with garlic but since I had a little left from my last batch I mixed some up and served it with the lamb. Nice touch Mariana.

This afternoon I started to clean out the fernery at the back of the house. First job to weed the floor. Next to do a little re potting. I will continue with this tomorrow. The Gorgeous Boy chopped wood, some for tonight and some for during the week.

We took a bottle of wine over to the veggie garden and sat and watched the sun go down. The sunset wasn't very spectacular tonight but the wine was good ;-) The days are getting shorter and we both had to put on a jacket. I think it is getting very close to mulled wine season.

The fire was lit, dinner served and all is well with my world. I hope that life is treating you as kindly :-)


  1. Ahhh, your cucumber seeds - I feel your pain. That would tick me off so much. You need a little jack russell, the best possible rat and mouse controller. I know, cause I have one. Crikey, how many veggies can one grow?
    Im glad you liked the yoghurt; it really works well with lamb. Sounds like a wonderful way to end the day!

  2. Having a nice bottle of wine and a warming fire that is!

  3. Mariana, with the marauding wildlife problem that we have at the moment we need to plant some for us and some for them !!!!! The GB tells me that you can never have too much fresh produce! Normally we just pick what we need for cooking. Any excess goes down for the family, friends, neighbours and the GB even takes extra down to the office when he goes in. He leaves them in the coffee room and they are always taken. I guess people always like fresh produce. I would add that it is sometimes feast or famine with our surplus.