Sunday, May 17, 2009


Headed into the Village Market this morning to drop off some pie melons. We had grown them thinking they were watermelons. We kept cutting them open as the season progressed and couldn't understand why they were not ripening/ turning red inside. Ah...a lightbulb moment. They are pie melons !!!! There is only so much you can do with a pie melon....jam, jam or jam. Now we had a bank covered with them so I asked "Bill" who runs the fruit and veg stall at the market if his wife would like them to make jam. Yes please was the response, so this week we duly cropped most of them and took two boxes in to the village to drop off. Bill was not there today and his wife was running the stall.......she off course knew nothing about this and was horrified as we unloaded melon after melon. The charming lady accepted a few to experiment with and offered to put the remainder out the front of the stall with a sign..."free to a good home". I kept back a half a dozen to experiment with myself. More news on the results later.

The Pie Melons.
Back home to unload a trailer load of organic topsoil with the help of the gorgeous boy. This load we bought to keep as a stockpile to top up garden beds and topdress the lawn where necessary. More time spent in the vegetable garden tidying things up while the gorgeous boy mowed the paddock on his trusty tractor. It hasn't been done since before his op. and is looking neat and tidy as we go into winter. I picked some more cherry tomatoes to send down for The Princess to have in her lunch box for school. I can pick around 500g every second day at the moment and there is only so many ways to serve cherry tomatoes. We had some baby potatoes and our first spinach of the season for dinner tonight. Tasted sooooooooo good.

The Gorgeous boy digging potatoes for dinner.

An early night tonight as I have a big day planned tomorrow.......might have a go at making Melon, ginger and lemon jam and I have my eye on the Lilly Pilly tree which is heavy with berries. I saw a recipe yesterday for Lilly Pilly Jelly which looked very interesting.


  1. Hello Linda. Those pie melons look wonderful. Your garden sounds productive with some very tasty offerings. I am really missing homegrown spinach right now and would kill for some. I can't wait to hear how you go with my Lilly Pilly Jelly recipe. good luck.


  2. I think I finally have this post a comment thing working. waiting for your input for today, Marcella