Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today is a root vegetable Moon Planting Day.

With that in mind I spent the morning in the vegetable garden. Pulled a few weeds, Fertilised a few hungry plants and remembered that I had just bought some tomato seedlings and 4 globe artichoke. I have this theory....better to plant on the wrong Moon than leave seedlings to wilt and die in the fernery...right huh! Artichokes, yellow pear shaped cherry tomatoes and one roma tomato plant are now in the ground....seasoled and I might say...looking pretty happy with life. I gave everything another water and noted some lovely fresh new growth. This afternoon I did get to do some mowing....a drop in the ocean! and continued brush cutting the bank. I have done about 2/3rds and its looking good. You can actually see the elderberry trees now.

I was reading Gavins blog....The greening of Gavin. He was sounding off about people sitting in their cars in the railway station car park with their engines running, waiting to pick up travellers. Hmmmm. He is so right. I thought that I was making headways in being more careful with my fuel consumption but must plead guitly to that one while waiting to pick up the "gorgeous boy". Must try more aware!

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