Monday, June 29, 2009

They all came home to roost .

What a lovely but busy weekend we have had. The family all came to visit this weekend.

We had them all here on Saturday so GB and I decided that we would flash up the woodfired oven and roast a leg of venison for dinner. It is too big for the two of us so we welcome visitors to share with us. Since he was firing up the oven (it takes about two or three hours to build up a good heat) we always have pizza for lunch on those days. This time I got it into my head to try something different. Pide ! We ate it often when we lived in the middle east and always enjoyed it so with that thought in mind I turned to my trusty computer and "googled" it. I was obviously having one of those "know it all days" and I only looked for inspiration for the fillings. I was planning to use my trusty fail safe pizza dough recipe. I completely ignored the dough recipe supplied...oh Linda...when will you ever learn !!!!

I decided on three different fillings.....minced beef with Moroccan spices to be topped with strips of grilled red capsicum and a side serve of garlicky yogurt.....feta and spinach.... and cheese, onion and egg. The latter had me trekking into the village for Halumi and mozzarella (mistake number two!!!) All that was available was a mozzarella,cheddar,parmesan blend. Ho hum...what to do ? I really, really wanted to try this one so I succumbed to temptation and purchased the only available option. The recipe suggested grated mozzarella and halumi with chopped spring onions, mint and a little oil and seasoning. Bake the pide for five minutes....remove from the oven and crack an egg on the top then return to the oven for a further two minutes. Sounded yum.

The dough was made rolled , filled and far so good. GB took over and into the oven they went. Oh dear. My pizza dough is extra special terrific....but obviously only for pizzas!!!! The pide expanded way too fast and burst open. The egg exercise didn't go so well either as number one egg landed on the floor of the oven (the dog got to eat that one) and the other one didn't quite cook all the way through. We ate them anyway!!! We were hungry !!!! Next time and there will be a next time as I wont be beaten. I will follow the dough recipe because they tasted delicious anyway. Hence no photos.

A quick apres lunch nap and the boys went kayaking with the Princess in tow. I went down with them to the creek to watch...way too cold for me to even consider lowering myself into the kayak and have cold water sloshing around my nether regions. It needs to be at least another ten degrees warmer before I will go wading into the water. Back home to pop in the roast for dinner.

We tried a new recipe for the venison this time, marinading it with red wine and red wine vinegar, juniper berries, garlic, chopped onion and oil overnight and we experimented, roasting it covered with streaky bacon rashers and a large slice of pork rind. Yep, you heard right "pork rind". You can buy it in pieces from the supermarket and we have on one indulgent occasion roasted it as an extra with a pork leg roast for those who will not be named who like to eat vast quantities of pork crackling. Mmmmmmmm. Well it may sound excessive but it worked really well and the meat was delicious. Mama made the most gooey, yummy chocolate desert. It looked like a baked chocolate sponge but when you cut into it it oozed out of the middle. Very rich but funnily enough it wasn't too sweet, which was good. With a dollop of cream on the top (may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb!) it was the perfect finish to the meal. You can make that one again sweetheart ;-)

Sunday morning after a full english breakfast...oink, oink! GB and I left the family wandering around the village market and headed down to Mooloolaba for lunch with friends. Great company and a lovely lunch, not only because I didn't have to cook it myself ;-) but I love warm beef salad, which was one of the dishes. We arrived back late in the afternoon and the boys had already lit the fire. What more could you ask for but to snuggle in for the night. It got down to six degrees last night but I was as snug as a bug in my nest. Its all good.

Life goes on......the last of the family departed at dawn this morning and I have been busy laundering sheets and towels all day. Thank heavens for a sunny breezy day. It certainly is the "sunshine state". I hope your weekend was as good as mine.

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  1. I so enjoyed reading about your weekend Linda. How lucky are you to have a wood fired oven! One of my dreams actually. Your morrocan spiced pizza made me salivate. Yummo. I could use a slice of that right now.
    The good thing about mishaps is that you learn from the experience and you will know for next time. Make sure you post some pictures next time please, as I would love to check out your oven.
    Kayaking in the creek. Sounds so wonderful.
    I was interested in your venison recipe. I know you spelt out the ingredients, but I am a measurement kinda girl, so I would love to know exactly what you did, precise ingredients and how long to cook etc.
    So pleased you had a fab weekend. Yes mine was pretty good too. Watch out for my next post as I shall post the results of my preserves and all at the show. Wasn't Sunday just the most gorgeous day!