Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A bright new day.

I woke up this morning and the rain had gone :-) I do feel bad smiling about it after the long drought that we had and that others are still suffering from. I have this superstitious feeling that if I complain when it rains for days, we will plunge back into another prolonged dry spell. Shucks....I can't help it. My spirits rose when I opened the curtains and saw the sun was shining. I sat down in my favourite armchair to have that first cup of coffee of the day. Look what I spied through the window.

For what seems like forever is that all I see when I look at this garden bed is strappy green leaves. Don't get me wrong. I love to see the greenery but here I progressively planted out a "bulb" garden. Lillys, kangaroo paw, bluebells, agapantha, iris, daylillys, jonquils, freesia and these beautys...red hot pokers :-) I had visions of blooms popping up all through the year. To be honest we did have some incredible jonquils last spring and ***one*** agapantha bloom in summer! Hmmm Oh and when it rains heavily enough we get a display of iris for a few days. Well....at least there is some greenery. Then way out of the blue these began to throw flower heads. They looked dull with very little colour and a little patchy as if some bugs had been eating them and they were dying off and then...WOW....they opened up. This morning with the early morning sun shining down on them and the last of the rain sitting on the leaves, it was worth the wait :-) How my heart sang. I feel renewed and alive again. I feel a bounce in my step. Life is good. I am off to enjoy this beautiful day. I hope yours is as good.


  1. Those flames certainly have done well. Obviously the furry friends don't like them at all.

  2. Love the flowers Linda! Pancetta lardons are little cubes of pancetta. If you can't get them you can just get some thick sliced streaky bacon and dice it! HOpe this helps!

  3. I love how you embrace nature and the weather and feel inspired. It is so refreshing.