Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A new baby in the family.

Great excitement....we have a new baby in the family.....well actually its a new car but thats exciting anyway :-)

I came down to the city as I had promised dr K that I would help him pick up his new car. Well that's what Mums are for isn't it !!! He and I headed up to the Sunshine Coast this morning to pick up this little baby.

Isn't it cute :-) Its a "smart car". A semi automatic two seater that will suit him down to the ground. He lives in one of Brisbane's inner city suburbs but travels daily for work between different far flung areas that are not always accessible by public transport. I am pleased to say that GB , Mama and the doc all use public transport where possible but Queensland is not the most green state when it comes to public transport :-( There is plenty of room for improvement. Hence the need for a more environmentally friendly vehicle. Hopefully this will fit the bill.

I left him to drive to work and headed back taking the scenic route through the beach suburbs of the sunshine coast. It didn't take much longer than using the highway and was an interesting drive. The development up in that area has been amazing over the last twenty odd years. Progress !!!!!Hmmmm I am not sure!

This afternoon I popped in to meet a very helpful young man who has been advising me over the phone this week with computer problems that I have been experiencing. It is a little difficult when you are miles away from the city and your computer starts to misbehave! If I could give this man an award I most certainly would. He has been both pleasant and extremely helpful on each occasion. I am not sure if the problem has been completely fixed.....I have changed from internet explorer to mozilla firefox and everything seems to be working OK today. Fingers crossed!

Tonight I can hear the State of Origin match playing out on the TV and everywhere I turned today I saw people wearing maroon so I guess its a pretty important match for Queensland ! Me....I'm off to bed with a good book ;-) Good night.


  1. Well not quite the baby I was expecting to see; is it a boy or a girl? I couldnt quite tell. It is great to see Dr K being environmentally friendly. My hubby bought a hybrid car a couple of months ago and get this. It was meant to be for me but he is so impressed with it he and my son have been driving it everywhere. I have had one drive. It is very "green" friendly and simply amazing actually. Glad to hear the computer is okay and yes my fingers will be crossed.

  2. Hi Mariana
    Good to see you back. I hope that you had a good trip :-)I will have to ask the doc if he has named the baby yet.