Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Lunch

It has rained on and off all day today. The tanks are overflowing and all is well with the world. I really didn't need to water the garden yesterday morning did I ? One surprise bonus is the mushrooms that have popped up in the temporary bed (old water bed frame) that we built for the excess of tomato and lettuce plants.

It was supposed to hold my spare stock of topsoil but we threw on some bags of mushroom compost and mulch before GB planted up. The rain and cooler weather have brought up a crop of mushrooms. Mmmm mushroom omelette for lunch tomorrow with a side salad I think but what about the rest!!!!

After pottering around in the garden for a while I came indoors and started to make some french style bread using the spelt flour that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I was planning a simple ham salad and fresh bread for lunch. While I was poking around in the fridge I saw the bag of chicken wings that I had bought to make cocktail nibbles with. I decided that they needed using up without delay so I mixed up a little tandoori paste and yogurt and chopped up the wings and put them in the marinade. Chicken and bread ...OK...I can be flexible. Off I went to pick the salad greens. Later in the morning when the bread was shaped, risen and ready to go in the oven I turned my thoughts again to lunch. Hmmm. A little yogurt, garlic and mint to serve with the chicken. Chop chop. Maybe I should grate a little cucumber in there and make a Tsatziki.

Well if I am going down that track a greek salad would be nice. Out came the feta and olives. In my "cropping" basket were some lovely fresh radishes.....they would be wasted in the salad but so yummy with a little salt and warm bread. Lunch was evolving. By the time I had finished it looked so good that I decided all that it needed was a glass of wine to make it perfect.

It was :-) and no...I didn't forget to serve that was chilling in the fridge.


  1. Well that looks scrumptious I think that I will come over to your place for lunch, but it is a little far to go just for one meal.
    And look at the Mushrooms; I can’t grow them like that!!!!!

  2. Hi Jorgen You are welcome anytime :-) As for the mushrooms....its called perfect weather conditions and well for me

  3. Wow that lunch sounded delicious. I suppose we will see you on Master Chef next year!!!!

  4. Yummo. I wish I was at your mediterranean looking table. Looks and sounds delicious.