Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Progress report on the Great Wall of Bellavista.

I can't believe its been so long. I really have been slack. I have so much to say (as always) but not much time to sit down and type at the moment.

Firstly.....The Great Wall of Bellavista......is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. It really helped that dr.K and Richie came up for the weekend and lent a hand. I don't think they realised what they were in for when they suggested coming up but they worked like little Trojans. The Gorgeous Boy and I had all the posts installed for section one......the longest run of sixty metres. The four of us spent the weekend putting in drainage, levelling off (the GB likes everything to be perfect....ah...so tiring!!!!!!) and laying the first two rows of planks along the entire length. We managed to do about twenty metres of two more rows and work ceased when we ran out of planks AND screws. Still, now I can at least get to work back filling the first twenty metres so that we can plant some more potatoes on the next full moon. My life has become a little Lunar of late....not that I don't run around like a "lunatic" at the best of times LOL!!!!

I do think that this latest project has been jinxed by the weather. I suggested to the GB that we begin the Great Wall well before the summer heat really set in. The first week we worked on it, we had a heat wave....hottest spring weather in years!!!!! What happened this weekend....the temperatures soared into the thirties again. This time with hot dry winds. What is summer going to be like this year!!!!!!!

This is where we were at before the weekend......I have not had time to take an updated photo. Tomorrow maybe!

Not much work was done last weekend as we went down to Brisbane and joined friends, on the Sunday, at a "street party" of sorts. Part of Albert Street in the CBD was closed to traffic and set up with tables for a dinner presenting Stoneleigh Wines. Four or five different restaurants participated and it depended on where you were sitting, what type of food you ate. We were fortunate to have an Italian based menu. Five different Stoneleigh wines were served, each complementing a different course.

We had a sparkling champagne style wine with the canapes while street entertainers wandered in our midsts. Then we were seated and dinner was served while a band played in the background. Our table was served

Anti pasta Platter with crusty bread
Sauvignon Blanc

Pasta with Calamari tossed with rocket and chilli
Pinot Gris

Osso Bucco with Mediterranean vegetables
Pinot Noir

Oooops...by this time I couldn't remember what the wine was....must have been good!!!!

Cheese board comprising of local cheeses with rain berries

Some yummy little chocolate coated balls of something delish but it was getting late and the wine was obviously getting the better of me!!!!!!

The company was wonderful, the weather was fabulous and the entertainment was good. We did take some photos but none that did justice to the evening. Am I not just the slackest blogger!!!! ;-) The event was planned as part of the Spring Festival and I would certainly put my hand up to go again next year. If I am lucky enough to go....I will take notes I promise LOL.

Note to self........diet is not progressing well.....question...wonder why!!!!!!

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  1. No you are not the slackest blogger. Far from it. Your menu sounds fantastic. I am starving and reading that did not help. The wall looks fascinating and really is a "great one". Looking forward to its progress.