Friday, September 11, 2009

How time flys.

When I sat down on Monday to catch up with reading my favourite blogs and write a new post of my own I saved this photo for the next days post but wow...its Friday again. Where does all the time go? This is one of our new orchids. I don't know its name......I guess for me, its not important to know the name....just to revel in the beauty. Whenever I walk past the fernery I spy this beautiful yellow bloom sitting right next to an everyday pelagonium. To my mind they are both beautiful, one for its delicate blooms and the other for the vibrant colour that just plain cheers me up :-)

Tuesday, I went on my computer early to send an email to a friend only to discover that I had been "hijacked" and someone had sent an e mail to all of my contacts....on the face of it they were just promoting an i camera. Was it more sinister than that or are we all just a little paranoid? Who knows, but for someone like me who is not particularly confident with the many uses that the computer has to offer, I was down right annoyed. I changed my password and phoned my "computer guru" down in the big smoke for advice. He suggested that I send another e mail to all contacts to warn them that the first had not been from me so that they could check to see if their computers had been "violated". Well that pretty well blew all morning. Do I have the time to waste cleaning up after someone has been rude enough to a) trespass on my private space on the world wide web and b)impersonate me for their own purposes. NO I DO NOT! Whats with these people? They seriously need to get a life of their own. Grrrr.

Later, I headed down to the city to babysit the Princess while Mama went to do a workshop and stayed down for a couple of days to get my computer "checked" and run a few errands. Its good to be back home again. Today, the Gorgeous boy and I resumed work on the retaining wall. Six more posts installed today. Hurray! It would have been more but we had to do extra work digging out the holes where rocks had diverted the auger on the bobcat. Poor GB was attacking the subsurface rocks with the crowbar and the sledge hammer. My puny attempts with the crowbar were nowhere near as effective but I do a good line in laying on my belly with my arm down the holes hauling out shattered rock ;-) We make a good team. LOL. I think (hope) that we are over the worst of it as the next holes seem to be quite sandy. We will find out tomorrow !!!!!

I had best go to bed to rest this old body 'cos who knows what tomorrow has in store.


  1. Linda, the same thing happened to me, I was highjacked by a Chinese company - I ended up having to create a new email and change all my passwords. Your contacts should be safe if they didn't open the email, I guess that is why they use our names. Thank you for visiting my blog, just been traveling around yours and will be definitely be back for a return visit. I have spent the afternoon making pickled beans. Haven't tried before so I hope it turns out okay. Our growing season is coming to an end, couldn't believe it when i first came to the UK from New Zealand to find that for 5 months of the year nothing grows, can you believe they don't even have to cut the grass, LOL.


  2. Hi Linda, the same thing happened to me but no lasting damage done but infuriating all the same. I'm with you on the flower thing. Doesn't matter what it's called, it's whether you enjoy it or not and clearly you do. Love the way you describe the work you and your hubby do together, it's just charming!

    Hope you'll find the time to visit my blog. I think you might enjoy it. Off now to sign up to follow you. I think I'm gonna enjoy getting to know you!

  3. Hi Margaret and Gloria. I am so pleased that you came to visit. Its always lovely to have guests :-) Thankfully my computer is all fixed and happy and I am hoping that things will settle down again so that I can find more time for Blogging. I never feel too far away from civilisation when I can pop on to my computer and catch up with whats is happening in the outside world. I am even enjoying writing about what goes on in my I think it is pretty "cool" that you are interested in reading my ramblings. Do come back :-)