Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out comes the sunshine to dry up all the rain !

Thank you Mariana and Olive for your good wishes, I am still safe and dry but what a stressful few days it has be.

Dr K lives in one of the inner city suburbs of Brisbane albeit one that was above the high water level but as a Mum (you are one for life!!!!) I was concerned and quite relieved when the river reached its peak and I knew he was safe at home.

The Gorgeous Boy was down in Caboolture with Mama and the Princess on the day that it flooded there and they had to evacuate temporarily as the creek at the back of the garden started to rise above road level. Its so hard when you are sitting a hundred or so kilometres away and unable to do anything except sit by the phone. I can empathise with friends and family of everyone affected first hand by the floods.

Here at the Farm the rains have stopped for a while but we are still waiting for the creeks to subside. They are taking longer than usual to go down. I went out this morning to investigate. A neighbour hitched up his trailer to his tractor and five of us rode down to inspect "Joes crossing". It was about a 4Km ride but the damage to the road (a dirt road) was quite a depressing sight with washouts in several places. I am sure that it will be a while before it will be built up and graded as there are so many more roads in the shire that will need attention.

Joes crossing is still underwater by about about a half metre of surging muddy water and the debris caught up everywhere is unbelievable. What is one the other side? No one quite knows at the moment because number one crossing (our last bridge to cross on our way out) is still underwater and no one from the village has been able to inspect the roads. Its definitely a wait and see game but the GB is impatient to come in and "rescue" me. For my part, I am really looking forward to seeing him seems to have been such a long time since I last saw him :-(

On a brighter note...the sun came out to play and the chooks went out for a scratch around. Tigs was out and about asserting his authority once again by barking at the deer, wallabies and horses and the weeds are coming out soooo easily. Once is good :-)

It is such a shame Olive that now you have decided to sell are having to wait around for a buyer. What's so great about living close to a "stupourmarket"? You can only spend so much time shopping! There is so much more to life than that.....give me life on the Farm any day.

Time for bed now. I think that noise I can hear, is the grass growing after all that rain and it may be dry enough to begin mowing tomorrow. If not I am sure there will be another chore waiting for me. ;-)


  1. You sound like you are in good spirits Linda considering the waiting game, the overflowing bridge and the long-time, no-see GB state of affairs.

    I know what you mean about being a parent for life. The worry only seems to get greater the older they get.

    Jeepers, Caboolture coped it, didn't they? Glad to hear your family got through that ordeal. I love your comment about the "stupormarket". I totally agree - give me the farm any day too. Now, have you got a "good" word for The Mall. I'm so sick of them. I too can hear my grass growing, but wait. The rain just started pelting out of nowhere. Poor Mitch. He sprayed his corn earlier. No end to it, is there. Take care and thanks for the latest! Mariana

  2. Oh Linda, I'm feeling a tad apprehensive. Yesterday we had the first people that were serious enough to have a GOOD look over the place.....and they like it !! I really do not want to leave. It's so peaceful and secluded here, how will I feel about living with neighbours close by, on all sides? I'm trying not to think about it.
    Then ... what have I to grizzle about ? At least we are safe from floods. We have had losses in our family too (in the past) but I couldn't bear it, not to know if my loved ones will ever be found as is the problem for many affected by the Qld floods.

  3. Hi Mariana

    Poor Mitch...did his corn survive? Ours has all been taken this year by the birds. You would think they have enough to eat at the moment! Next crop will definately be netted! As for "Malls", they have about as much attraction for me as amusement arcades....there to amuse and distract people from life. Don't get me wrong, I certainly know how to spend money ;-) I just find all the crowds overwhelming in their need to spend their hard earned money on things they will take home today and toss out tomorrow. Ya don't get too many brushcutters or cheese presses and the likes at Malls !!!!!

    Hi Olive

    What a problem you are faced with! Knowing that you need to sell up must be hard enough as it is but to show off your lovely place to others that will love it as much as you, must make it even more difficult to part with. Yes, it is awful to live so close to neighbours. The noise from traffic is constant...even through the night. We managed to get "out" on Sunday for the Princesses birthday but came back today. When I sat down for "sundowners" this evening I heard the birds singing and THAT was the only noise. Ahhhh....feel the serenity !

  4. Hi Linda, I've missed you. So glad you enjoyed your visit to SA. We'd better arrange a visit next time you come (LOL)
    Must say that It was hard to come back to this miserably cold weather after the warmth of the tropics.
    We have taken our small farm off the market for a while, in 6 months we had 2 people come and look, far too much of a strain, keeping every thing "piccabello"