Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nothing much to say !!!!

Can this be me !!!!! Nothing much to say ! Motor mouth at a loss for words ! I don't think so :-)

Its been a busy week but I don't feel that I have done anything "interesting". I did score a couple of points though.

Win No 1.

I have finally made contact with someone at the Malaysian Kennel club who knows what they are talking about. Yes, I know it was silly of me to export Tiggy back here to Aus. when we left Malaysia 4 years ago without getting "exported" typed on his pedigree. Silly me. I should have thought about that !!!! After more $s than I am about to disclose (don't even want to add it up....he's worth it :-) ) we went through all the rigmarole.... blood tests, airfreight, quarantine here in Aus etc and I didn't get that little word typed on his pedigree. No one told me I had to!

We have now decided that the time is right for us to have a "son of Tigs" so we are looking for a girlfriend for him to do the dirty deed with. BUT. We only want one more dog so we are looking for a nice girl who will "play" with Tiggy and let us have the pick of the litter for the pleasure. Not too much to ask for is it?

To advertise his many talents I need to register him here in Aus. Problem...cannot Lah! without that little word on his pedigree. Hmmm. contact the MKC they say at the Canine Council. Well they have obviously never had contact with Malaysian bureaucracy!

I repeatedly sent e mails to the MKC for a month or so asking how to remedy my problem...they all bounced back. I phoned them to check the e mail address was correct. " yes Ma'am but send us an e mail to www......." Look I may not be very computer smart but even I know you can't e mail a web site. (I even tried!)

I phoned two more times ( I have to admit I procrastinated doing this....I knew I had to be emotionally strong or would become impatient and lose it and be seen as just another irrational expat) First time I told them the postmaster had informed me their inbox was full. "Give me 30 minutes Ma'am and I will empty it" I gave them an hour...bouncing e mails!!! Second time "sorry Ma'am . Maybe your e mail is too large" Too large!!!!! Fortunately I persisted , asking if there was anyone there who could help me. I was passed over to Shanti. Ahh Shanti ...God Bless you...yes I know I should have told you I wanted to bring him home, yes I realise it would have saved me this problem...what put his "original pedigree" in the mail with 250 Ringgit plus postage and you would type that word on there for me and send it back...Yeah right. I trust the Malaysian postal system as much as I trust a snake in the grass!

To cut a long and frustrating story short, I have a very Dear Friend in Victoria who also lived in KL at the same time as us and understands my dilemma, who is flying up there next Tuesday on business and has kindly agreed to take the pedigree in to the MKC office personally, pay the fee and wait for it to be returned to her with the all important word (exported) typed on it...while she waits! She is such a Darling :-) I sent the Pedigree down to her express certified mail...yes I almost trust Australia Post! Now I just have to take the little fellow in for a short back and sides, a shampoo and set and take a sexy photo of him and set him up on a Doggie Lonely Hearts site. Persevere I say....all that banging you head against a brick wall does pay off with perseverance!

Win No 2

The Gorgeous Boy has finally admitted that we need a "log splitter". Our latest delivery of firewood is beautiful hard wood and burns really well but is soooo hard to split. I was here by myself the other night and went out to split some wood for the fire. I couldn't even get the axe to make a mark on it let alone split it. We have been talking about buying one ever since a trip down south to visit friends and I was allowed to play with their electric hydraulic log splitter. Ooooh. I loooved it. I know...most girls would love diamonds or perfumes etc. Me, I want a log sit yourself on a little stool at the end of it....load up the log....push the button and the log slowly moves forward, splits and falls to the floor....the push of a button I say....oh, the power !!!!!! ;-) After much Gooogling (I love Google!) and many phone calls I have found one at Bunnings. Right on my own doorstep. There was I thinking I wouldn't find one in Queensland....too warm for log fires!!!! They are holding it for me until I can get down there...I am so excited :-) Wood splitting will definitely be easier in our house from now on. Its my birthday this month and I am more than happy to accept it as my birthday present.

Actually, I think the GB is secretly happy as he does get a little worried when I wield the axe.....or the brush cutter with the steel blade on......come to think about it he's not real happy when I get the carving knife out to carve the meat. Me...clumsy...nooooo....I know what I'm doing...I'm in control ;-)

Enough waffling...time for bed....I plan to do some more brush cutting tomorrow morning...OK. I will use the plastic blades, even though they wear down too fast when I hit the rocks ;-)


  1. Couldn't you simply type the word "exported on the doggies papers yourself? Would anyone have known the difference?

    WE purchased a log splitter, diesel motor, last season and now Popeye can split logs to his hearts content. Ours was a lucky find in an auction, brand new for about half the shop price for the same thing.

  2. Hi Olive. Believe me, I seriously gave some thought to typing it on myseelf. It would have saved me so much frustration. I guess I was concerned that if it was spotted I would have blown the whole pedigree!!! Who knows.

    Lucky Popeye, aren't they wonderful things. No excuse for running out of wood :-) You were lucky to pick up such a good deal. I did look at E Bay but have never bought anything on there and wasn't sure what to do. This computer technology is STILL a big learning curve for me...I'm getting there :-)

  3. Not much to say huh. How come its taken me five minutes to read your 'not much to say'. Hehe. Sounds like you adore your doggie to pieces and want to do the right thing. I hope the 'exported' on his pedigree turns out well for you after all the fuss.

    Look forward to hearing how good you feel the log splitter is. Never know, we may need to get one ourselves further down the track.

    Hope you let us know when it's your birthday.

    X Mariana.

  4. Hi Linda thanks for commenting on my blog adn for the handy inof for the asparagus probably shouold have done some research BEFORE I bought 10 crowns hey????

    If you are venturing past out little patch (north west side of brisvegas at the foot a Glorious Mountain) I have a ton of lemons - asnd am willing to share!!!!

    off to find a permanent patch for the asparagus.


  5. Hi Mariana When you are a "motor mouth" ya just cann't stop yourself sometimes ;-) Tigs is our little boy now that we are empty nesters and such a joy. I have to say he has crept into my heart more than the other dogs that we have had in the past....and thats not saying they weren't lovely too :-) This is the reason that we would like one of his offsprings. I knew his mother who also had the most beautiful nature. We are hoping its genetic.

    The log splitter is sitting in the back of the car and I will take it up the farm tomorrow. Unfortunately its too heavy for me to lift by myself so I will have to wait until the GB arrives on Friday to help me unload it. I will be straight into splitting and let you know how it goes.

    Hi Daisymum...thanks for visiting. I was guessing that you lived in the USA but wasn't sure. You will have no trouble with the asparagus here. Just try and resist cropping it until year two so that you have strong crowns. Thankyou for your kind offer of lemons should I head in your direction I will come equiped with a bag and a few jars of jams for trading ;-) I am trying to eek out my three that have survived on my little tree. Such is life.